We are A Cause For Adventure

Josh and Lisa are very community minded – feeling that working together and learning from each other can create the synergy that is needed to better the world. Sometimes that world is close to home, as with our efforts at local food kitchens, food banks, public radios, and community gardens. At other times, that world is helping getting supplies and clean water to an orphanage in a third-world country. While the goal of every trip may not be a community project, it is with acceptance, open-mindedness, and a willingness to help that we will always travel. Not every adventure is for a cause, but there’s always a cause for adventure.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”John Muir
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The Duo.

Josh has the practical knowledge – experience, wits, technical know-how, and desire to teach – and gets things done safely while having a blast.
Lisa is the logistical powerhouse – insightful, respectful, curious, and inquisitive – she gets things done by finding the better & less expensive approach.
Both have a desire to better the world by testing themselves.
Together, you have A Cause For Adventure.


Awesome-Seeker Extraordinaire


AMGA Guide & Awesome Expert


Lisa grew up on the East Coast with a foundation of open-mindedness, exploration, and cultural awareness with only a basic interest in outdoor activities. She lived in numerous metropolitan locations and eventually landed on the West Coast, at the University of Southern California majoring in International Business and Global Strategy. After completing her BA in a quick three years, and a stint in the corporate world, she began working as a freelance marketer for various companies as she traveled the US & the globe.

As time went on she found that she missed the freedom of travel and outdoor pursuits (peaked during a period living in Colorado), as well as the characters and the problem solving that inevitably comes with it. Luckily, this is where Josh came into the picture, and so the adventure began…


As a lifelong full time skiing and climbing bum, living in places like Boulder and Breckenridge, Colorado, then migrating west to Mammoth Lakes and North Lake Tahoe, California, Josh has embraced the mountain lifestyle. The environment, players, and small town culture have defined his entire being.

An accredited American Mountain Guides Association guide, he has a rich history of snowboard mountaineering, climbing, canyoneering, Alaskan fishing, travel and general shenanigans that have culminated into a wide, diverse and knowledgeable skillset. Through his journeys, he has acquired a plethora of amazing friends with unlimited talent, experience in many disciplines, and spanning countless arenas of badassery. He likes to boast saying “My friends are savage.” They most certainly are.

How we work.

1 We pursue adventures, write worthwhile info about them, and take lots of cool videos and photos while we're at it.

2 We post other people's content full of awesomeness. I mean, we can't do it all ourselves! That's the point!

3 We raise money for worthwhile causes and organizations. Contribute to one you connect with!