Massive Storm Systems Bearing Down On The Pacific Northwest To Bring Substantial Snowfall Inland.

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“So much intense weather is going to hit us, that I don’t even know where to start”Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington

A parade of storms, climaxing with the remnants of Tyhoon Songda will bombard the PNW beginning Friday morning. Potentially as strong as The Columbus Day Storm (the most powerful storm in PNW history), it is expected to bring heavy rainfall, flooding and monster surf in the 40-45’ area. Residents are advised to be prepared to hunker down for a prolonged period of time.

What does this mean for the beginning of the 16/17’ ski season? While the nearly 20” of rain that is expected to clobber the coastal areas will hardly translate in to 20’ of snow inland, there is some good news for the ski towns being predicted to come out of this monster. A quick search of the individual forecasts for Mammoth, Squaw/Alpine, Hood Meadows, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole and Snowbird show all of these area getting substantial snow with the northern most resorts getting the lions share. has issued the following predictions:

-Mammoth Mountain, Ca. 12-18”
-Squaw/Alpine, Ca. 8-12”
-Mt Hood, Or. 6-12”
-Sun Valley, Id. 24”+
-Jackson Hole, Wy. 24”+
-Snowbird, Ut. 8-12”

We urge all of you in PNW to stay safe, batten down the hatches and ride this beast out.
For those inland at higher elevations, fire up your snowblower because 16/17’ is fast approaching!